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this type of nursing minicomic help in nursing education and nursing competitive exams, in this post, you will medicine mnemonics, Pharma mnemonics, fundamental mnemonics, Anatomy mnemonics, Psychology mnemonics, Psychology mnemonics, and medical and surgical mnemonics are provided this type of mnemonics are very helpful in Community Health Nursing Officer CHO, Nursing OfficerStaff nurse exam, and all nursing competitive nursing exams.


1.    Total iron requirement in pregnancy – 600mg

2.    Increased requirement of caloriesin lactating mother – 500 – 600 cal/day

3.    Most common cause of maternalmortality in India is – Haemorrhage

4.    Egg protein quality is – 100% /Highest quality of protein – Egg

5.    Highest quantity of protein – Soya bean 43%

6.    Dailyprotein requirement – 0.83gms/kg/day

7.    Most repeated value is known as – Mode

8.    Sum of all values divided by no. Of values – Mean

9.    Middlevalue or averageof the 2 most middle values – Median

10.  Age at which a person is considered as dependent is – Age below15 & above 65

11.  Humandevelopment index includes-Literacy/life expectancy at Birth/income index

12.  Incubation period of yellow fever is – 2-6 days

13.  Disease notifiable to WHO is – Cholera / Plague / Yellowfever

14.  Infective period of chicken pox is – 2 days prior & 5days after appearance of rash

15.  Smallpox was eradicated in – May 1980

 16.  Recently eliminated from India – Yaws 2007& leprosy 2005,guinea worm (Dracunculosis)2000.

17.  Indicator of socio economic development – Infant mortalityrate

 18.  Millenium development goals have to be achieved by – 2015

 19.  Sentinel surveilance is used to assess – Hidden/missing cases

 20.  Most Important functionof sentinel surveilance is-find total amount of disease in a population

21.  Chronic carrierstate is seen in – Typhoid/Hep.B/Dysentry/Meningitis/Malaria/Gonorhea

 22.  Sullivan index provides – Life expectancy minus probable duration of bed disability & inability to perform major activities

23.  Severity of the disease best assessed by – case fatalityrate

24.  Sullivan index is the measure of  – Disabilityrate

25.  Killing power of a disease is – case fatality rate

26.  Attackrate is – Incidense of the disease

27.  Surveillance is – continuousscrutiny of factors affecting a disease

28.  Physical quality of life index(PQLI)includes – IMR/literacy rate/life exp at age1 yr

29.  MC Neonatal disorder to be screened is – Neonatalhypothyroidism

30.  Personcannot perform daily life activities which is 2 b normal for his age- Disability

31.  Impairement – Anatomical structural or functional loss

32.  Handicap – Loss of social role suppose to play in society

33.  Disease – any abnormalcondition of an organism that impairs function

34.  Correct sequence-disease-impairement-disability-handicap

35.  Obesity is measured in terms of – BMI = weight in kg/height in metre2

36.  BMI<18 – under wgt/18-24normal/25-29 -pre obese/gr-1 -30-34/gr-2-35-39/gr-3>40

37.  Silentepidemic of century – Alzheimers disease

38.  Measels-Koplik spots-incubation period-10-14 days-RNAparamyxovirus.

39.  MC complication of measles – Otitis media/least Complication-SSPE

40.  Incubation period of measles – 10 days

41.  Respirable dust,responsible for pneumoconiosis,has a size limit of – <5 microns

42.  Pneumoconiosis – occupational lung dis -inhalation of dust particles<5 microns causing fibrosis of lung tissue


43.  MC pneumoconiosis in India – Silicosis

44.  MC lung Ca in pneumoconiosis – Asbestosis

45.  Mid day meals should provide – 1/3 calories & 1/2 proteins

46.  Which of d following doesn’t multiply but completes its developmental cycle in the host – Microfilaria

47.  Amplifier host of Japaneseencephalitis/KFD – Pigs

48.  Host for chicken guniya – Man

49.  Exclusive breast feeding recommended in India upto – 6 months

50.  Disinfecting action of chlorine on water in mainly due to – Hypochlorus acid

51.  Disease occuring before the age of 65 yrs – Pre senile.

52.  Sensitivity is measured by – True positive

 53.  Specificity is measured by – True negative

54.  Bestmethod for prevention of infection by medical professional in a hospitalsetup

-Hand washing.

55.  FAST questionare is used to diagnose – Alcoholic

56.  Programme designedfor the benefit for pregnant woman & infant – Janani suraksha yojna


57.  Bestindicator of socio economic development of a country is – IMR

58.  MCC of Infant mortality rate(IMR)in India – Low birth weight & prematurity

59.  Healthassistant should visit to subcentersonce in – every week

60.  Who will prepare malarial parasitesmear slide – Health assistant(male)

61.  Chandler’s index is used for – Hook worm – Ankylostoma duodenale – no.of hookworm eggs per gram of stool – 250 eggs is dangerous

62.  Socially attained behaviour is – Culture

63.  For determination of socio economic status of urban population

– modified kuppusamyscale

64.  Humandevelopement index(HDI) – life expectancy at birth/ Value ranges bet  0-1         Incomeper capita/ Literacyrate

65.  Prevention of risk factor development of CAD – primordial level of prevention


66.  Pt is made to walk early after surgery,this is an example of –rehablitation

67.  Endemic of a disease means – is constantlypresent in population

68.  Most important functionof sentinel surveilance – to find total amount of disease in a population

69.  Bhopalgas tragedy is – single exposure point source epidemic

70.  Modified kuppusamy scale

– educationstatus of head of family/occupation status of head of family/

incomeper capita per month.


71.  Case fatality rate = total no.of deaths due to a disease   x  100 tot.no.of cases due to a disease

72.  Epidemiological triad are – Host/environmental factors/agent

73.  Whena child lost in hands & unable to do routine works called as – Impairment

74.  Natural history of disease is studied by – Longitudinal study

75.  Disease elimination means – preventingthe transmission chain

76.  Leprosy is considered a public health problem if the prevalence of leprosy

77.  In India which disease is near to eradication – Poli

78.  Whichis primary prevention – Support

79.  Iodinesalt supplementation is – Specificprotection

80.  Water borne disease – Amoebiasis

81.  Chemoprophylaxis is preventionof – Primary

82.  Surveilance is – Scrutiny of factors

83.  Morbidity is measured by – Active surveilance

84.  PTB-drug-rifampicin225mg-pyranzinamide750mg-isoniazid150mg-ethambutol 400mg

85.  Serialinterval is – Time gap between primary & secondary case

86.  Hypothesis is a – variable to be tested

87.  Case fatality rate is  a method measuring – Virulence

88.  A graph shows uniform curve i no secondary curves – pointed epidemic

89.  Rapidrise & fall in epidemiccurve without any secondary waves is seen in

– point source epidemic

90.  Case control study is a type of – Analytical study

91.  Recallbias is most commonly associated i which study -case control study

92.  Incidence rate is measured by – cohort study

93.  Incidence rate is calculatedby – prospective study

94.  Incidence rate is defined as – No.of new cases of a disease in a community

95.  Relative risk is –

incidense of disease among exposed/incidence of disease among non-exposed

96.  Relative risk is calculatedby – cohort studies

97.  Prevalence is a – Proportion& calculated by -cross sectional study

98.  Odd’sratio is calculated by – case control study

99.  Odd’sratio is derived from /estimate of – relative risk

100.Study of alcohol intake for 10 yrs & occuring of hepatic disease type of study – cohort

101.Double blind study means

– both observer & person or group being observedis blind about the study

102.Hospital acquired infectionof surgical wound is mostly by – Instruments

103.Serial intervalmeans – difference betweenprimary case & secondary cases

104.Hospital based study is – Cross over study

105.Herd immunity is seen in – polio/measles/diptheria/pertusis/mumps/rubella/smallpox.

106.Herd immunity is not seen in – Tetanus

107.Vaccinemost commonly associated with allergic reaction & shock – DPT

108.All Live vaccines & meningococcal r contraindicated in pregnanc

109.BCG sholud be given – immediately after birth

110.Hepatitis B vaccine should be given as – 0,1,6 months

111.Total dose of vit A given under national immun. Shcedule – 9 lacIU

112.Post exposure Rabies vac  schedule – 0-3-7-14-28-90

113.BCG/H.influenza/yellow fever is diluted i – NS

114.Measles/MMR vaccine is diluted with – Distilled water/sterile water

115.VitaminA should be given at the age of – 6-9 months

116.Rabies vaccineis prepared from – Fixed virus

117.Antisera is obtained from – Horse

118.First immunization of the Baby – Colostrum

119.Administration of which vaccine can result in paralysis in children – Sabin polio vaccine

120.9 month old un-immunized child was brought to dispensary,vaccineshould be given to this baby first – OPV+BCG+DPT+Measles

121.Leprosy commonly spreads by – Milk


122.Yellowfever vaccination startsprotection after how many days of injection – 10 days

123.Ring vaccination is – given around 100 yards of a case detected

124.A full course of immunization againsttetanus with 3 doses of TT confers immunity for how many years – 5 yrs

125.Vaccineadministered as Nose drops – Influenza

126.Gap between two live vaccines – 4 weeks

127.BCG is given – Intra dermal

128.Best way to steriliseglass syringes is – Hot air

129.Cold sterilization is done by – Ionizingradiation

130.Surgical blades are best sterilised by – Autoclave

131.Fibre optic scopes are sterilised by – Glutaraldehyde

132.True positive rate of a screening test is – 1- false negative.

133.Test used for screening cases of tuberculosisin India – sputum smear examination

134.Sensitivity of a screening test is – true positive

135.Screening test preferred for T2DM in India – Fasting blood sugar

136.Confirmatory test for Tuberculosisin India – AFB in sputum

137.True negatives are detectedby – specificity

138.High false positive cases signify that disease has – high incidence & low prevalence

139.False negative means – person has disease but shows negative test result

140.High false positive in a test is due to – high sensitivit

141.Positive predict value of a test dependsupon – prevalence of disease

142.In GTT-glucose tolerancetest DM is diagnosed if vein plasma glucose level is-200mg

143.Acc. To WHO blindness is inability to count fingersat a distance – 3 metres

144.Chinese letter arrangement of bacilli under microscope- cornybacterium diptheriae

145.Best specimenfor diagnosis of rabies in living person-biopsy of skin follicleson neck

146.Koplik spots r seen in – Measles

147.Negri bodies/Hydrophobia is seen in – Rabies

148.Bull neck appearance is seen in – Diptheria

149.Subacutesclerosing pan encephalitis is a complication of – Measles

150.Kala azar is transmitted by – sand fly

151.Perinatal transmission of Hepatitis B is max in – 3rd trimester

152.For dengue diagnosis,no.of petechialspots per squarer inch in cubital fossa is – >20

153.MC oppurtunistic infection in AIDS is – pneumocystis carnii pneumonia

154.DOC for a pregnant lady with cerebral malaria – Quinine

155.Reservoir for chickun guinya – Primate

156.MC site for Hydatid cyst in human body is – right postero superior lobe of liver

157.DOC of LGV – Doxycycline

158.Best indicatorof HIV progression in body is – CD4:CD8 ratio

159.Dose of rabies immunoglobulin is – 20 IU/kg body weight

160.Cyclops are found in the life cycle of – Dracunculiasis

161.Chandler’s index is used for – Hook worm

162.Vectorfor dengue fever is – Aedes

163.Major side effect of streptomycin- Oto-toxicity

164.Major side effect of rifampicin – Hepatitis

165.Major side effect of ethambutol – colour blindness/optic neuritis

166.VitaminA defeciency – Night blindness

167.Enteric fever is caused by – Salmonella typhi

168.MC cause of blindnessin India – Cataract

169.DOC for cholera in Adults- Doxycycline

170.Typhoidulcer perforates in – 3rd week

171.Virus causing rabies in man – street virus

172.Q-fever is caused by – coxiellaburnetti

173.Tick transmits – Rocky mountain spotted fever

174.Poliomyelitis is transmitted by – Faecal oral rout

175.MC cancer world wide is – Lung cancer

176.Certificate of yellow fever is valid for duration of – 10 yr

177.SAFE – Surgery/Antibiotics/Face washing/Environmental improvment

178.Which of the followinghepatitis is associatedwith higher mortalityin pregnancy

– Hepatitis E

179.Reservoir for measles – Man / Incubation period – 10 days

180.Koplik spots appear in – Prodromal stage in measles

181.MC complication of Mumps in children  – Aseptic meningitis

182.Diptheria carrierr diagnosed by – throat culture

183.Schick test indicates – carrier for – diptheria

184.Treatmentfor pertussis children – prophylactic antibiotic for 10 days

185.Child with pertussis should be isolatedfor 3-4 weeks

186.Chemoprophylaxisfor meningococcal meningitis – Rifampicin

187.In TB a case is – sputum positive

188.Polio is due to – Virus

189.WHO -ORS – Na+-90mleq/lit/Glucose-111,kcl-1.5g,Nacl-3.5g,pot.cit-2.9g, pot bicarb-2.5g,K+-20meq,Tot millimoles – 311

190.Typhoidoral vaccine is given – 1,3,5 days

191.DOC for cholera chemoprophylaxis – Tetracyclines

192.Guinea worm infestation is common in workers of – step wells

193.Highest level of Health care is – Tertiarycare

194.Infective period of dengue fever – 10-20 days

195.Malaria s transmitted by – Female Anopheles stephensi(urban malaria),anopheles dirus

196.Malarial parasitein India are – vivax/falciparum/malariae

197.Anti malaria month – June

198.Causative organism of Malaria – Plasmodium

199.Vectorfor transmission of Bancroftian filaria – Culex fatigans

200.Clinical incubation period of Filariasisis – 8 – 16 months

201.In case of dog bite the biting animal should be observed for atleast – 10 days

202.In India Rabies free zone is – Lakshadweep

203.Vaccineof Yellow fever is – 17D

204.Yellowfever vaccination startsprotection after how many days of injection – 10 days

205.Yellowfever vaccination is valid till – 10 years

206.Japanese encephalitis – Culex – Rice field – horse shoe symptom

207.KFD is transmitted by – Ticks


208.Max explosiveness of plague is determined by – Cheopsisindex – is ave no of cheopsis per rat


209.Highly infectious clinical form of plague is – Pneumonicplague

210.Dose of Equine anti-rabies immunoglobin – 40IU per kg of body weight

211.Plague is caused by – Rat flea

212.Scrub typhus is transmitted by – Mite

213.Endemic typhus is transmitted by – Louse

214.Mode of transmission of Q fever – Aerosols

215.R.prowazekkiis transmitted by – Louse

216.Rash startingperipherally is a feature of – Q-fever

217.Kala-azar – sandfly – man is the reservoir – aldehyde test is positive

218.Leprosy commonly spreads by – Droplet

219.MC nerve involved in leprosy – Ulnar nerve

220.In lepromatous leprosy the single drug Dapsone is continue for – 180 days

221.Lepromin test is valuable for – Prognosis of disease

222.Live attenuatedyellow fever vaccine is – 17-D

223.Durationof MDT to resolve paucibacillary leprosy – 6 months

224.Durationof MDT to resolve Multi paucibacillary leprosy- 12 months

225.MTP in India can be carried out till – 20 weeks period of gestation

226.World AIDS day is on – 1st december

227.MC mode of HIV transmission in INdia is – Sexual transmission – Age group -30-44yrs

228.In HIV infected child which vaccine should not be given – OPV

229.First case of AIDS was reported in – 1984

230.MC mode of transmission from mother to child – Perinatal

231.Scabies is caused by – Sarcoptes Scabei

232.Incubation period of Chancroid – less than 7 days

233.Incubation period of Syphillis- 9-90 days

234.Window period for HIV infectionis – 3-12w

235.Clustertesting used in the detectionof – STD

236.Incubation period less than few hours – Food poisoning

237.Arboviruse disease – yellow fever,japanese encephalitis,dengue,chickungunya

238.SSPE subacutesclerosing pan-encephalitis is associated with – Measles

239.Keratomalacia is associated with – Measles & Diarhe

240.Animal to man transmission is seen in – Rabies,japanese encephalitis


241.Vectorborne disease – epidemic typhus,KFD,japanese encephalitis

242.Virusesdocumented to cause fetal damage – parvovirus,varicella

243.Incubation period less than one week – cholera

244.Shortest incubation period is associatedwith – Influenza than cholera

245.Agent can be used in bioterrorism – Plague

246.Clinical features of Botulism – constipation,ocular nerve paralysis,blurring of vision

247.Pleomorphism is seen in  – Chicken pox

248.Disease transmitted by water – Polio

249.Leptospira ictero haemorhagic infectionis transmitted by – Rats

250.Cyclops is an intermediate host for Guinea worm

251.Isolation is not useful in – Polio

252.Tick-bornedisease is – Tularemia

253.Incubation period in staphylococcal food poisoning – 1-6 hrs

254.Man is dead end for – Rabies , Tetanus,japanese encephalitis

255.Antigenic shift & drift occurs in – measles

256.Yaws caused by – treponesoma pertenue

257.Iceberg phenonmenon is  seenin – HTN,Leprosy,Tuberculosis

258.Plague is – Meta-zoonosis

259.MC cancer among females – Cervical

260.MC cancer worldwide – Lung

261.Field carcinogenesis is seen in – Head & neck carcinoma

262.MC cancer affecting indian urban women – Breast ca

263.Which Ca can be prevented by screening – cervix/breast/prostate/colon

264.Obesity indices- Broca’s/ponderal/quetelet/corpulence/lorentz

265.BMI is also known as – Quetelet index

266.Abdominal fat accumilation is assessed by waist to hip ratio

267.Commonest cause of blindnessin India – cataract

268.WHO definesblindness if the visual acquity is less than – 3/60

269.MC cause of ocular morbidity in India – Refraction error

270.Least common cause of heart disease in India – Congenital

271.IHD is associated with – LDL

272.Glycosalated haemoglobin reflects the mean blood glucose level of previous – 3 months

273.ASHA – 1 per 1000 population-female aged 25-45yrs-min educatedtill 8th class-NRHM 

provides primary medicalcare for minor ailment


274.Single dose of Nevirapinetherapy is used for prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV – should be administered within – 72 hrs to child/onset of labour pain to mother


275.Vitamin-Aprophylaxis is given to infants every – 6 months

276.Single massivedose of vit.A for preventing defeciency in preschool children aged 1-6yrs for every 6 months – 200000 IU

277.Amount of glucose recomended by WHO standard oral glucose tolerancetest – 75 grams

278.Glucose in ORS to increase – Na+ absorption

279.Acc to Indian blindnessdefinition finger countingis done at distance of – 6 meters

280.Total carbohydrate amount provided in Mid day meal scheme is – 300grams

281.Pt on DOTS category 1 should visit for follow up at – 2,4,6 months

282.Trachomasingle drug treatment – Azithromycin

283.According to registration of Births & Deaths act 1969, the birth & death are to be registered,respectively in – 21days & 21 days

284.Anti-tubercular drug contraindicated  during pregnancy – Streptomycin

285.Ethambutol is associated with – red,green colour blindness-not given to children<6yrs

286.Radio opaque material in copper-T – Barium sulphate

287.Pulse polio immunization covers – 0-5 yrs children

 288.Daily dose of Folic acid for pregnant women – 400mg

289.Helpline for AIDS can be reached by dialling – 1097

290.P.vivaxin pregnancy should be treated by – chloroquine

 291.Malarial control programme single dose chloquine 600mg is given after taking blood smear

292.Minimum level of Iodine in iodized salt – 15ppm

293.National health policy is based on – Primary health care

294.Licence to Blood banks is given by – Drugs controller general of India

295.Hundred day cough is – whooping cough – in Pertussis

296.Low birth weight is – <2.5kg

297.Progestacert release – 65mcg/day progesterone

298.MC complaintof IUD insertion is – Bleeding.

299.MC disorder to be screened in neonates – Neonatal Hypothyroidism

300.Juvenile age – <16yrsfor male & <18yrs for femal

301.Protein requirement 1gm/kg/day

302.Most importantessential fatty acid – linoleic acid

303.Richest source of Vit .A/D – Halibut liver oil

304.Richest source of vit.c – Amla

305.Adult pregnant female are anemic if – Hb is less than 11gm%

306.Optimum level of fluorineintake is – 0.5-0.8ppm

307.IQ = mental age/chronological age x 100

308.Residual level of chlorine in water – 0.5mg

309.Water seal in sanitary latrineis – 2 cms

310.MC occupational cancer – Skin cancer

311.Census takes place every – 10 yrs

312.1 PHC is for a population of 30,000

313.8th day disease – Tetanus neonaturum

314.Milk is poor in – Vitamin C & iron

315.Pellagra – niacin defeciency

316.Anophles larva rest parallel to under surface of water

317.Aedes larvae breed in artificialcollection of water

318.Multi purpose workerswhere introduced by – kartar singh commitee

319.Bhore commitee – 1946

320.Failure rate of condom – 2-14 per HWY

321.Sex ratio is calculated as – no.of females/no.of males x 1000

322.Crude death rate is – no.of deaths / total mid year population x 1000

323.Sex ratio of india is – 933

324.Growth rate of India (annual) is – 1.93%

325.Total fertilityrate is – completed family size

326.Eligiblecouple is – married couple with wife in reproductive age group

327.WHO defines adolescenes as between – 10-19 yrs age

328.A diseaseoccuring before the age 65 yrs is – Pre-senile

329.In which stage of the demographic cycle is India currently – Late expanding

330.Denominator in crude death & crude birth rate – Mid year population

331.Measured in pearl index is – No.of accidental gestations

332.Oligospermia,according to WHO is – < 20 million sperms per HPF

333.Example for conventional contraception – Condoms

334.Natural method of contraception include – rhythm method/coitus interuptus/ breas

feeding/calendar method/billing method/symptothermic method/basal body temperature

335.Absence of sperm is – Azoospermia

336.MC side effect of IUD insertion- Bleeding

337.Temporary contraceptive method of choice in 37yr well-educated woman – Diaphragm

338.Conventional contraceptives are those which – require action at time of intercourse

339.OCP protect against – Fibroadenoma breast,iron deficiency anemia,ovarian ca.

340.Side effects of OCP – liver disease,breast cancer,thromboemboli

341.Pearl index  is normally used for studying – effectiveness of contraceptive

342.Pearl index is used to evaluate- contraceptive methods

343.Natural method of contraception is most effective- Symptothermic method

344.Barrier methods – Diaphragm/Foam tablets/ vaginal sponge.

345.Spermicide used in the contraceptive – 9- nonoxynol

346.Copper – T is preferablyinserted postnatal,after – 8 weeks

347.CU T 380 A IUCD should be replaced every 10 yrs

348.Nova T has – Silver core

349.Absolute contraindication of IUCD is – PID

350.Serious complication of oral contraceptives – Leg vein thrombosis

351.Mala – N – norethisterone – 1mg/ethinyl estradiol-30mcg

352.Side effect of Mini pill – irregular bleeding, depression

353.Mini pill contains – only progesterone in small quantity

354.Post coital contraceptives – OCP,RU-486,copper-T

355.Most cost effective contraceptive is – Vasectomy

356.Breast feeding must be initiatedwithin after normal delivery – 1 hour,LSCS -4 hrs

357.Current recomendation for initiating breast feed – as early as possible

358.School health examination must be done every – 6 months

359.Recommended door&windows area in a class must be – 25%

360.According to protocol for uncomplicated pregnancy no.of minimum visits must be – 3

361.” ”    ”      ”       ”           ”   ”      idealvisits must be – 13-14

362.Content of pediatric iron folic acid – iron-20mg,folic acid-100mcg

363.MCC of neonatal meningitisin India – Group B streptococcus

364.Low birth weight in India defined as – birth weight less than 2500 grams

365.Weightof new born triples at the age of – 1 yr

366.Assessment of malnutrition is done by – mid arm circumference,BMI,wgt for age

367.Nutritional status of a child is assessed by – Mid arm circumferenc

368.Post term pregnancy- >42 weeks period of gestation

369.Breast feeding is contraindicated in – Open TB

370.Height of newborn doubles at – 4 yrs

371.Which immunoglobulin is present in Breast milk – Ig A

372.MCC of neonatalmortality in India – Low birth weight & prematurity

373.MC Maternal mortalityin India – Haemorhage

374.Normalrequirement of Iron during pregnancyis – 38 mg/day

375.Guthrietest is done in neonatesfor mass screening of – Phenylketonuria

376.Amountof caloreis & proteins received by a preg woman frm anganwadiworker

– 500cals,25gm protein

377.Afterbirth,care of eye of newborn is by – AgNo3 eye drop

378.Additional daily energy requirement during 1st 6 mon for a lactating woman is-550Kcal

379.Preterm babies – born before 37 weeks

380.Folic acid supplementation during lactation period – 150mcg

381.Elemental iron supplementation in Iron defeciency anemia – 100-150mg

382.Osteomalacia in pregnancy&lactation is best treated by – Vit D & calcium

383.Daily need of calories in pregnancyis – 2500 Kcal

384.Postnatal period extends for – 6 weeks

385.Perinatalmortality rate includes  deathin 28 weeks to 1st week after birth

386.Still birth – 1000grams baby weight

387.Denominator of maternal mortalityrate – 1000 live birth

388.Commonest cause of perinatalmortality in iIndia – Prematurity

389.WHO referancegrowth chart lower curve – 3rd percentile

390.Upperline in growth chart is – 50th percentile

391.Best parameter for assessment for chronic malnutrition – Height for age

392.Mid arm circumference is constant during – 1-5 yrs

393.Population to anganwadi centre – 1000MTP is allowed upto 20 weeks

394.Pasteurization of milk is determined by – phosphatase test

395.Pellagra & casal’s necklaceis seen in – defeciencyof Vit B3 niacin

396.Iron tablets should never be given along with – Milk

397.Dose of vitamin A prophylaxis required by a 9 month old child – 1,00,000 IU

398.Daily total requirement of iodine by an adult – 150 mcg

399.Anti oxidant vitamins include – vit A,C,E

 400.Calories in 100 ml breast milk – 75 Kcal

401.HighestPUFA content is found in – Soyabean oil


402.Vitamin K is given to every child – At birth


403.IOC for iron deficiencyanemia – serrum ferritin


404.Most essential fatty acid – linoleic acid


405.Fatty acid found exclusively in breast  milk- Docosa hexanoic acid


406.Protein content of breast milk  in 100ml – 1.1 gm


407.Vit D defeciency in children – rickets/in adults – osteomalacia


408.Recommended daily energy intake of an adult woman with heavy work is – 2900 Kcal


409.Burningsole syndrome is seen in defeciency of – pantothenic acid


410.Twin fortifiedsalt contains – Iodine + iron


411.Shakir’s tape is a useful method employed in  the field  to measure– mid arm circumference

 412.Nalgonda technique is used for – defluoridation of water


413.How much amount of energy is yielded by 1 ml of alcohol in the body – 7 cal


414.For adult indian male daily requirement of protein is expressed as – 1gm/kg body wgt.

415.Lysine is defecient in – Wheat

416.Limiting amino acid in wheat – Lysine

417.Maizeis defecient in – Methionene

418.Earliest feature of vitamin A defeciency – dryness of conjunctiva

419.To prevent congenitalneural tube defect – Folic acid

420.Daily requirement of vit D in children – 200IU

421.Vitamindefeciency diseaseoccurs in maize eating population- Pellagra -niacin-vitB3

422.Daily requirement of Iodine for adults is placed – 150 microgram

423.Level of fluoridein drinking water – 0.5-0.8 mg / litre

424.Level of fluorinein drinking water associated with dental fluorosis – 2.0 mg/l

425.Micronutrient associated with rash & diarhea – Zinc

426.In Egg white contributes – 58%

427.Egg are reference protein because – increased biologicalvalue & NPU

428.Egg is defecientin – Carbohydrate

429.One egg yield about Kcal of energy- 70

430.Child is exclusively fed on cow’s milk defeciency seen is – Iron

431.Compared with cow’s milk,mothers milk has more – lactose

432.Tomatoes are rich in – Oxalic aci

433.Maximumcalcium is seen in – Ragi

434.Para boiling of rice reduces – Beri-beri

435.Datesare rich source of – Iron

436.Highestcalorie content is found in – Banana

437.Maximumcalories per 100gm are in – Jaggery

438.Epidemic dropsy is caused by – Sanguinarine

439.Richestsource of cholesterol is – Egg

440.Indianreferance man is – 60 kg

441.Dentalcarries is due to defeciencyof – Fluorine

442.Microcytic anemia – B12 defeciency

443.Socially attained behaviour is – Culture

444.Povertyline can be defined in terms of – daily calorie intak

445.Acculturation means – culture contact

446.Societyis a – system of relationbetween individuals

447.Severe mental retardation children has IQ – 20-34

448.IQ=35-47 – profound mental retardation

449.IQ of 42 falls in – moderate mental retard

450.IQ with 62 will come under – Mild MR

451.Moderate mental retardation – IQ35-49

452.Tiger mosquito- aedes

453.Amountof bleaching powder required for disinfection of 1000 litre of water – 2.5 grams

454.Target for daily use of water in rural areas in India is – 40 litres per capita

455.Propogative type of biological transmission – plague

456.Cyclopropagative type of transmission – malaria

457.Cyclo developmental biological transmission – filariasis

458.Minimumrecomended residual chlorine level in drinking water – 0.5 ppm – 1 hour

459.Chlorinerequired for Swimmingpool sanitation – 1.0 mg/litre

460.Chlorinerequired for Drinking water to kill cyclops – 2.0 md per litre

461.Anti – adult mosquito insecticide – DDT

462.Rest parallel to under surface of water – Anopheles

463.Rest perpendicular to under surface of water – Culex

464.Rest in dark bottom corners- Aedes

465.Rest attached to rootlets of plants – Mansonia

466.Kata thermometer is used to assess – air cooling powe

467.Nitrates in drinking water indicates – remote pollution

468.Maximumpermissible dose of radiation exposure for human beings– 5 rad per person per year

469.Temporary hardness of water is due to presence of  – Ca+ & Mg Bicarbonates

470.Most reliable evidenceof fecal contamination of water is provided by – Coliform bacteria

471.Most undesirable metal in drinkingwater is – Lead

472.DOC for scabies – 5% permethrin

473.Normallife span of mosquito is – 8-34 days

474.Solid waste from kitchen is called – Garbage

475.Purest water in nature is – Rain water

476.Ortho-toludine test is done to detect – free & combined chlorine in water

477.In fresh bleaching powder available chlorineis – 33%

478.One tablet of chlorine is effective to disinfect how much quantityof water – 20L

479.Criteria for safe drinking water – pH  6.5-8.5

480.Criteriafor problem village – no water source in a distance of 1.6km from community/water is more than depth of 15 metre/there is no excess of Na+,K+,F+.

481.Chlorine demand is measured by – Horrock’s apparatus

482.Recommended hardness of water – 50-150

483.Number of air changes in one hour in a drawing room should be atleast – 2

484.Best parameter to measure air pollution- SO2

485.Indoorair pollution carbon monoxide is produced by -stove/gas heater/combustion equipment

486.The decibels above which auditoryfatigue occurs – 85db

487.Exposure to noise above which decibelscause permanent loss of hearing- 160 db

488.Acceptable noise level is – 85 dB

489.Pain in the ear occurs at – 140dB

490.Repeatedexposure to which decibels cause permanent deafness- 100dB

491.Upperlimit of exposure to noise upto which there is no damage to hearing – 100dB

492.Waste water without human excreta is called – sullage

493.The sewage ground water is disposed by – Activatedsludge process

494.If land is availablethe ideal method of disposal is – Controlled tipping

495.Tricklingfilter is used in – secondary treatment of sewage

496.Sullage in rural area is disposed by – Gobar gas plan

497.Water not containing faeces – Sullage

498.Disease transmitted by louse – epidemic typhus/trench fever

499.Aedes egypti transmits – dengue/filaria/yellow fever

500.Vectorborne disease – typhus/dengue/J.E

501.Viral infection transmitted by Tick – KFD/Babesiosis

502.Anopheles speciesfound in coastal region – Anophelesstephensi

503.Insecticide least toxic to man & most toxic to insects – Malathion

504.DDT is – contact poisons – organo chlorine compound

505.Black fly causes – onchocerciasis

506.Culex mosquitotransmits – japaneseencephalitis

507.Paris green is used to eliminate the larva of – Anophelin

508.Which natural insecticide is used for space spray – Pyrethrum

509.Soft Tick transmits- Q fever

510.which is nuisance mosquito- Culex

511.Arrange d following – disaster impact-response-rehabilitation-mitigation

512.Post disastercommonly reported disease – gastroenteritis

513.Chernobyl nuclearexplosion – 26th april 1986 – I131,CS134,CS137,Sr90

514.Nausea,vomit,bleu line in gums,wrist/foot drop,pallor poisondue to – Inorganic lead

515.MC occupation cancer in India – Skin

516.Burtonian’s line is seen in – Lead poisoning

517.Aniline dyes are associated with – Ca bladder

518.Bagassosis is caused by – sugarcane dust

519.Byssinosis is due to – cotton dust

520.White fingersmay result from which occupational hazards- vibration

521.Respirable dust,responsible for pnemoconioses has size limit of – < 5 microns

522.Pnemoconiosis more prone to develop tuberculosis – Silicosis

523.Under ESI act sicknessbenefit is given for a period of – 91 days

524.Immersion foot syndrome are seen  in – Trench foot

525.Safety officershas to be appointed in factories where no.of workers is more than – 1000

526.Extended sicknessbenefit is given for – 309 days

527.Useful screening test for lead is measurement of – coproprophyrinein Urine

528.Person workingin hot environment who consumes more H2o without salt is likely to develop- Heat cramp

529.Indian constitution has declared that children less than —-yrs should not be employedin factories or mines – 14yrs

530.The extendedsickness benefit is given for – 309 days

531.Employee’s contribution of ESI fund is – 4.75%

532.Wrist drop may be caused as industrial hazard in – Battery industry

533.Monday fever associated with – Byssinosis

534.Silicosis affects- Upper lobes of lungs

535.Dust particlein a industry is a  – chemical hazard

536.Amniocentesis to detect chromosomal abnormalities can be done as early as – 14th week of gestation

537.MC abused agent in India – Tobacco

538.Maximum loss of DALY occurs in which psychiatric disorder – Depression

539.Best method of teaching an urban slum about ORS – Demonstration

540.Ivory towers of disease – Large hospitals

541.3-Million plan was proposed by – Bhore committee

542.PHC was introduced as result of report – Bhore committee

543.3 months training in PSM during internship is recommended by – Bhore committee

544.Each subcenter1 male & 1 female health worker is recommended by-Kartarsingh com

545.Correct sequence – planning-objective-goal-evaluation

546.Planning cycle – analysisof existing health situation-assessment of resource programming& implementation-monitoring & evaluation

547.Correct sequence for communicating process – Sender-message-channel-receiver– feedback

548.Multipurpose worker scheme in India was introduced by – Kartar singh committee

549.PERT is a techniquefor – Network analysis

550.First referral unit is – CHC

551.One PHC is for population – 30,000

552.Sub – centre is fro population- 5000

553.CHC  is for population – 1,20,000

554.Anganwadi  is  for population- 1000

555.Health guide works at the level of – Village for populationof – 1000

556.Trainedbirth attendant is for a population of – 1000

557.No.of beds in a community health center is – 30

558.Preparingslides for Malaria is performedonly by – male MPW

559.Eligible coupleregiter is maintained at – Subcentre

560.Population covered by PHCs in hilly(tribal) area – 20,000561.Emporiatrics deals with the health of – Travellers

562.Rabies free country is – Australia

563.Which of the followingis used to present qualitative data – Pie chart

564.Which of the followingis used to present quantitative data – Histogram

 565.Best way to study relationship between two variables- Scatter diagramcentile divides data into – 100 equal parts

566.Mean,Median,mode are measures of central tendency


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