Anatomy and Physiology Notes For GNM 1st Year

Anatomy And Physiology Notes PDF For GNM 1st Year- 2024


Anatomy And Physiology PDF Notes Free for GNM 1st Year- 2024 Notes for GNM and ANM Students GNM 3 yrs Curse students. GNM Notes are helpful for all GNM, ANM, Post BSC Nursing, B.Sc Nursing, and Other Medical Students. In These Anatomy And Physiology PDF Notes Free For GNM 1st Year- 2024 Notes include Topic Wise Notes are given Below. These Notes are Made by GNM 1Years Syllabus so these Notes are Easy to understand and Readable.

In These Notes Include Diagrams and Simple language Easy to understand full Notes. No need for other and higher books after reading these notes. GNM 1Year notes are based on GNM 1Years Syllabus for all state students.

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Syllabus-Wise Anatomy And Physiology PDF Notes GNM Nursing 1st Year

These all Notes are made according to INC, RUHS, BNRC, and other Nursing Council Syllabus. Every Unite Provides a Short Points and Topic Description. These Notes are very helpful for Every Nursing School Students.

Unit-I Introduction To Anatomical Term

Anatomical Terms, and Terms Updates
Cavities & System of the human body
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UNIT-2 Blood PDF Notes

Blood Formation and composition of Blood, Different functions of Blood, Blood grouping, cross-matching & blood clotting, Different blood products with their use. Blood transfusion and other blood product GNM 1yeras notes.
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UNIT – 3 The Circulatory System

Function & Structure of Heart including cardiac cycle, Blood circulation, Pulse& Blood pressure; Types, Position & Structure of Blood Vessels. and other circulatory system updates and important points.
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Unit – 4 The Lymphatic System

Structure and Function of Lymph Vessels, Lymph circulation, Lymph nodes, lymphatic tissue, spleen and thymus. and other important points related to the lymphatic system.
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Unit- 5 The Respiratory System

Function and Structure of Respiratory Organs, Physiology behind respiration; Different characteristics of normal respiration and deviation. The golden point of the respiratory system
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Unit-6 The Digestive System

Function and Structure of Elementary Canals, Process of Digestion, Process of Absorption,
Process of Metabolism of food contents. golden point related to the digestive system
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Unit-7 The Excretory System

Structure and Function of the Uterus, Kidney & Urethra, Structure and Function of the Urinary Bladder, Formation of urine, Compositions of urine, the Fluid and electrolyte balance, Regulation of body temperature
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Unit-8 The Endocrine System

Structure and Function of Pituitary gland, Ovaries, Adrenal Glands, Thyroid gland, Parathyroid gland, Structure and Function of testes, Structure and Function of the pancreas.
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Unit-9 The Reproductive System

Function and Structure of the female reproductive system, Menstrual cycle process,
Reproduction, Menopause process, Function & structure of breast, male reproductive system, Reproductive health
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Unit-10 The Nervous System

Structure, Function & types of nerves, Cranial nerves and brain, Spinal Cord Sensory and Motor Pathway of the spinal cord, Autonomic Nerves System
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Unit-11 The Sense Organs

Eye, Ear, Skin, Tongue, and Nose; Physiology of Vision, Hearing, smell, Physiology taste, touch & Physiology of equilibrium.
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Unit-12 The Skeleton System

Growth and Formation of Bones, Ligaments, cartilages, and tendons, Movement of joints, Classification of Joints and Bones, Appendicular and Axial Skeleton
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Unit-13 The Muscular System

Structure of Muscle, Function of Muscle, & Type of Muscle; Insertion, Origin and Action of Muscle
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