Apgar Score: Chart, Definition, Key Points

Apgar Score: Chart, Definition, Key Points


Apgar Score Definition

  • The test Apgar score is done, quick assessment of the newborn’s overall well being
  • A test developed in 1952 by dr. Virginia Apgar
  • Apgar score is the 1st test of the newborn soon after birth.
  • Apgar score checks the heart rate, respiratory rate muscle tone, and reflexes.
  • Apgar score test was usually done twice: once at 1 minute after birth and again at 5 minutes after the birth.
  • Assess each of the five items to be Seconds and give a value of zero for very poor and 2 mark for excellent finding.
  • 5 parameters determine the newborn condition.

Apgar score in sequence – learning tricks.

  • Prarasa, Rajkumar sa, Munna, ghar, aaya

(Pyara sa rajkumar sa munna ghr aaya)

  • P- Pulse rate
  • R- Respiratory Rate
  • M- Muscles tone (Activity)
  • G- Grimace (Reflex)
  • A- Appearance (Skin color)

Apgar score Chart:-

Parameter Zero 0 one (1) Two (2)
Pulse Rate Absent Less than 100 beats/min More than 100 beats/min
Respiration Absent Slow,irregular, weak,cry Good cry
Muscle Tone Flaccid, limp Minimum flexion of extremities Good Flexion
Grimace No Response The minimum response to suction Promptly respond
Appearance Pallor or cyanosis Trunk pink but the extremities blue of baby The pink whole body of a baby

Result- 10 out of 10 is a perfect score (indicates the well-being of the child).

A score over 7 indicates the good condition of the baby.

0-3 score = Newborn require resuscitation

4-7 score = gently stimulate, rub the infant back, administration Oxygen to Newborn

8-10 score = no intervention required except general support to the infant

Apgar Score: Chart, Definition, Key Points

Key Points of APGAR Score

  • Apgar assessment of newborns is introduced by – Dr.Virginia Apgar
  • 2nd time Apgar score assessment is done at the – at 5 min after birth
  • Which score of Apgar score needs an emergency case – 0-3 score?
  • Which parameter of Apgar score is second last – Reflex (Grimace)
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