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1. is invagination or telescoping of a portion of the intestine into an adjacent, more distal section of the intestine, which creates a mechanical obstruction:
 A. Hirchsprung’s disease
B. Aneurism
C. Enterocolitis
 D. Intussusception

 2. _______is one of the primary causes of Diabetes insipidus:
A. Lack of insulin
B. Changes in the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland
C. Pancretic disorder
D. Over secretion of insulin

3. _____ is the temperature for tepid sponging:
A. 15-18° C
B. 18-25°
C C. 27-37° C
D. 40-45° C

4. Which is the safest method of sterilizing milk?
A. Boiling
B. Simmering
C. Freezing
D. Pasteurizing

5. Sleeping sickness is caused by:
A. Mosquito
 B. House fly
C. Tsetse fly
 D. Sand fly

6. ________ is a congenital narrowing of the opening of the foreskin so that it cannot be retraced:
 A. Phimosis
B. Stenosis
C. Stricture
D. Fistula

7.  Pastule in the area of eyelash follicle is called ______:
A. Ptosis
 B. Conjunctivitis
C. Glaucoma
D. Style

8. Side to side curvature of spine is called______:
A. Dysplasia
B. Khyposis
C. Scoliosis
D. Epiphysis

9. Cerebral Malaria is caused by_____:
 A. Plasmodium ovale
B. Plasmodium vivax
C. Plasmodium falciparum
D. Plasmodium malarial

10. When is the post maturity of pregnancy considered?
A. After 40 weeks
 B. After 43 weeks
C. After 41 weeks
 D. After 42 weeks

11. ________ is formed from vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin absorbed from small intestine:
 A. Thromboplastin
 B. Prothrombin
C. Fibrinogen
D. Thrombin

12. Scalds means it is a burn caused by:
A. Moist heat
B. Flame
C. Chemicals
D. Electricity

13. Normal fetal heart sound is _____ per minute:
A. 90-100
B. 100-120
C. 110-130
D. 120-140

14. Due to the lack or low level of ________enzyme does a young child suffer from cretinism:
A. Calcitonin
B. Tetraiodothyronine
C. Hydrocortisone
 D. Aldosterone

15. In India it is recently found that incidence of malaria is increasing due to_______:
A. Poor sanitation conditions
B. Increase in population
C. Mosquitoes becoming DDT resistant
D. Poverty in villages

16. Normal BI-Pareital (BPD) Mrasurement of full term fetal head is______:
A. 10.5 cms
B. 11.4 cms
C. 9.5 cms
D. 8.5 cms

17. Negri bodies are found in cells infected with________:
A. Fowlpox virus
 B. Vaccinia virus
C. Rabies virus
D. Paramyxo viruses

18. Which one of these is not an obstetric forceps?
A. Haig fergusson forceps
B. Kiellands forceps
C. Briggs forceps
D. Wrigleys forceps

19. Whooping cough is caused by________: A. Streptococcus Bacillus
B. Pertussis Bacillus
C. Vericella virus
D. Non-specific viral infection

20. Difficulty in achieving and maintaining balance, gross or fine motor incardinationis called_______:
A. Dysthanasia
B. Diplegia
C. Spasticity
 D. Ataxia

21. _________ is considered mood disorder, which include the occurrence of depressive episodes and one or mor elated mood episodes:
A. Bipolar disorder
B. Delusional disorder
C. Psychotic disorder
 D. Depressive disorder

22. Name of the duodenal hormone is________:
A. Gastrin
B. Acid pepsin
C. Cholecystokinin
D. Gastric inhibiting peptide
23. Lumbar punchture (spinal tap) is done in between_____ vertebrae:
A. L2 and L3
B. L3 and L4
C. L1 and L2
D. L4 and L5

24. The normal uterus weighs ____gms:
A. 90
B. 80
C. 60
D. 50

25. “Moslem prayer” position is used in _____surgery:
A. Laminectomy
B. Laproscopy
C. Laryngectomy
D. Laprotomy

26. The term meningocele means______:
A. The meningis protrude out through the spinal canal
B. Spinal cord ans the cord memberanes protrude out
C. Only spinal cord protrudes
D. CSF collected in a cyst

27. An opening in the bone through which blood vessels, nerves, and ligaments pass is called _______:
A. Fossae
B. Sulcus
C. Antrum
D. Foramen

28. __________ is celebrated as World Health day:
A. June 5th
B. April 7th
C. March 8th
D. May 31st

29. Omphalitis is the infection of ________ in new born children:
A. Umbilical cord
B. Eyes
C. Pharynx
D. Ears

30. Mumps is a disease that affects:
A. Parotid gland
 B. Tongue
C. Salivary gland
D. Thyroid

31. Empyema means ________:
A. Collection of fluid in peritoneal cavity
B. Colletion of fluid in pleural cavity
C. Collectio of pus in pleural cavity
D. New growth in the lungs

32. The primary activityof selective antibiotic penicillin is ________:
 A. Inhibit protein synthesis
B. Inhibit nucleic acid synthesis
C. Inhibit cell wall synthesis
D. Metabolic antagonism

33. The audible range of human ear is between:
A. 20-20,000 Hz
B. 50-500 Hz
C. 200-20,00 Hz
D. 20-2000 Hz

34. Pernicious anemia is the commnest from of anemia caused by lack of ______:
A. Vitamin B12
 B. Folic acid
C. Iron
D. Calcium

35. ________ is a common agent responsible for infantile diarrhea.:
A. Rotavirus
B. Streptococci
C. E.coli
D. Entamoeba histolytica

36. Immunity is not long lasting in ______ disease:
A. Diphtheria
 B. Influenza
C. Whooping cough
D. Mumps

37. Schizophrenia comes under ______ form of psychological disorders:
A. Psychotic disorder
 B. Dysthymic disorder
C. Cyclothymic disorder
D. Depressive disorder

38. _________is the term used for slower heart in an adult, usually less than 60BPM.:
A. Tachycardia
B. Arrhythmia
C. Bradycardia
D. Mesocardia

39. Major source of air pollution is _____:
 A. Burning of wood
 B. Boigas
C. Fossil fuels
 D. Cow dung cakes

40. Bedsores are caused by localized _____:
 A. Ischemia
B. Contusion
C. Excess heat
 D. Friction

41. ________may be caused due to the accumulation of lead in the body:
A. Thalassemia
B. Weakening of nerves
C. Weakening of bones
D. Paralysis

42. A space called the ____ is found between the two pleural cavities:
 A. Serosa
B. Parietal
C. Soleus
 D. Mediastinum

43. Viruses require____for growth:
 A. Bacteria
B. Animals
C. Plants
D. Living cells

44. _______is an another term used for the umbilical cord:
A. Onphalon
B. Amnion
C. Chorion
D. Funis

45. The term still birth is used after ______weeks of pregnancy:
A. 28
B. 36
C. 20
D. 30

46. ________ is not a cause for tear:
A. Gyanaecoid pelvis
B. Face presentation
C. Rigid perinum
D. Large baby

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