female external genitalia

female external genitalia


female external genitalia organ

The human organ system is made up of several organs which is necessary for the proves of reproduction.

  • Female Reproductive system Divided into: –
  1. External Genitalia
  2. Internal Genitalia
  3. Accessory reproductive organ.
female external genitalia
female external genitalia
  1. External Genitalia organ lists

  • External Genitalia is also known as the “Vulva” and pudendum.
  • External Genitalia consists of the all Externally visible genitalia organs in the perineum.
  • External Genitalia Consists of the following: –
  • Mons Pubis
  • Labia majora
  • Labia Minora
  • Hymen
  • Clitoris
  • Vestibule
  • Urethra
  • Skin’s gland
  • Bartholin’s gland
  • Vestibular bulbs
  1. Mons Pubis

Mons pubis is the pad of subcutaneous adipose connective tissue and covered by hair.

  • Mons pubis hair pattern is triangular
  1. Labia majora

  • Labia majora Enclose and protect the External genital organ.
  • Vulva consist the elevation of skin and subcutaneous tissue, which is from the labia majora.
  • Labia majora same like as “Large lips”.
  • Labia majora contains – sweat gland & sebaceous glands.
  • Labia majora Homologous to sacrotum in the male.
  1. Labia minora 

  • Labia minora is small fold of skin and cover by labia majora.
  • Labia minora join superiorly by frenulum and prepuce and Inferiorly join with fold of fourchette.
  • Labia minora have no contains of hair follicle or sweat glands, only include sebaceous gland.
  • Labia minora Homologues to the penile urethra of male.


  • Clitoris is the small cylindrical erectile body about 1.5-2cm.
  • Clitoris situated in the most anterior part of vulva.
  • Clitoris consist a gland, a body, and two crura.
  • Clitoris more sensitive part in the vulva to stimulation and can become erect During excitement.
  • Clitoris homologous to the penis in the male
  1. Vestibule 

  • The vestibule is the triangular space bounded with

Anteriorly – by clitoris

Posteriorly – by fourchette

Laterally – by labia minora

  • Vestibule include the – urethral opening
  • Vaginal orifice and hymen
  • Ducts from the greater vestibule
  • Skene’s gland
  • Urethral opening – situated in midline Infront of the vaginal orifice.
  • Urethral opening 1-1.5cm below the public arch.
Vaginal orifice and Hymen  
  • Vaginal orifice and hymen situated in the posterior end of the vestibule.
  • Hymen is a thin fold of vascularized mucous membrane.
  • Hymen located just inside the vaginal opening.
  • Hymen rupture usually following the first sexual intercourse.
  • Bartholin’s gland  
  • Bartholin’s gland also knows as greater vestibular gland
  • There are 2 Bartholin glands, situated one on each side.
  • Bartholin gland pea sized and yellowish-white color.
  • During sexual Excitement occur in Bartholin gland.
  • Bartholin gland homologous to the bulb of penis in the male.
  • Bartholin Duetà Bartholin Duet is 2cm long and open into the vestibule.
  • Skene’s gland
  • Skene’s glands are the largest paraurethral gland.
  • Skene’s glands are homologues to the prostate in the male.

Blood supply of External genitalia

  • Artery – Branch of the internal pudendal artery
  • Veins – Internal pudendal vein

– long saphenous vein

– Vaginal venous plexus

  • Nerve supply – Pudendal nerve

The function of the External genital organ of female

  • Protect the internal genital organ
  • Prevent the infection
  • Enable the sperm to enter the body.

External genital organ assesses by USG in fetal age, at the – 12week of gestational

Internal gonad assessments by USG at the – 8week of gestational


  • Female labia majora homologues to – Sacrotum in male.
  • Labia minora consists only – The sebaceous gland.
  • Most sensitive part in vulva During the sexual Excitement is – Clitoris.
  • Clitoris is homologue to the – Pelvis In the male.
  • A most common cause of hydrocephalous – Imperforate hymen.
  • The Bartholin gland is also known as the – Greater vestibular gland.
  • Which epithelium occurs in the Bartholin gland – Cuboidal epithelium.
  • External genital organ assessed by USG in fetal age at the – 12 week of gestational.
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