Lab diagnostics test list

Lab diagnostics test list


Lab diagnostics test list

1.      Allen test – ABG Analysis

2.      Adam test – Scoliosis

3.       Aldehyde  test:- Leishmaniasis

4.      Nerve Conduction Test:- GBS

5.      Patch Test:- Allergic Reaction

6.      Tourniquet Test :- Dengue

7.      Urea Breath  Test:- Helicobacter Pylori

8.      Schick  test:- Diphtheria

9.      Dick Test:- Scarlet Fever

10.     Rotheras test:- Acetone in Urine

11.     Hey Test:- Bile Salt Urine

12.     Smith test:- Bile Pigment Urine

13.     Benedict Test:- Urine Glucose

14.     Rinne Test:- Conductive Hearing  Loss

15.     Webber  test:- Localization Hearing  Loss

16.     Direct Coomb  test:- Hemolytic Anemia

17.     Ischiara Test:- Color Vision test

18.     Snellen  Chart Test:- Distance Vision

19.     Confrontation Test:- Central  and Peripheral Vision

20.     Jegar’s type Card test:- Near Vision

21.     Guthrie Test:- Phenylketonuria

22.     Guaiac Test:- Occult Blood in Stool

23.     Schilling Test:- Vitamin B12 Absorption

24.     Histamine Test:- Leprosy

25.     Roller Over Test:- Pre-Eclampsia

26.     Fern Test or Nitrizine Test:- leakage of Amniotic fluid and Anovulation

27.     VDRL Test:- Syphilis

28.     VMA (Vanellyl Mandelic Acid):- Pheochromocytoma

29.     Glucose Tolerance Test:- Diabetes Mellitus

30.     Glycosylated Hemoglobin/ Hb1AC Test:- Diabetes Mellitus

31.     Water Deprivation Test:- Diabetes Insipidus

32.     Treadmill/ Stress Test:- Heart Function

33.     Triple Test:- Down Syndrome

34.     D- Dimer Test:- measuring Clot formation (DVT, PE, DIC)

35.     Trendelenburg Test :- Vericose Vein

36.     Phallen maneuver / Tinnel Test:- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

37.     Gold QuntiFeron Test:- Tuberculosis

38.     Bangle Test:- Protein Energy Malnutrition

39.     Tensilon Test:- Myasthenia Gravis

40.     Romberg Test:- Neurological Function

41.     Knee Kiss Test:- Meningitis in Children

42.     Tzank Test :- Herpes Genital or Vericella

43.     Frie Test :- Lymphogranuloma inguinale

44.     Widal Test:- Typhoid (on 2nd  week)

45.     Weil Felix test:- Typhoid fever

46.     Bonny Test / Marshall Test:- Stress Incontinence

47.     Bennet Test:- Intelligence Quotient

48.     Sweat Chloride Test:- Cystic fibrosis

49.     Hanging Drop Test:- Cholera

50.     Paul bunnel  Test :- Epstien Barr Virus

51.     Shake Test / Bubble Test:- Surfactant and fetal Lungs maturity

52.     Rubin Test:- Patency of Fallopian  Tube

53.     Tape Test:- Pin Worm

54.     Complement Fixation test:- Serological Diagnosis of various diseases such as gonorrhea, Syphilis.

55.     Ortho Tolidin  Test:- Check Chlorine in Water

56.     Dexa Scan:- Bone Metabolic Disease (eg. Osteoporosis)

57.     Heel to Shin Test:- Body Coordination Test

58.     Halo Test:- CSF Leakage

59.     Dexamethasone Suppression Test:- ACTH or Pituitary/ Adrenal gland  tumor

60.     Arthrocentesis:- Joint inflammation and Infection

61.     Holter Monitoring:- 24 Hour ECG Monitoring in Dysrhythmia

62.     Pulmonary Function Test:- measure lung volume  and Capacity (By- Spirometer)

63.     SGOT & SGPT , AST / ALT :- Liver Function Test

64.     PAP’s Smear:- Cancer of Cervix

65.     Creatinine Clearance Test:- estimation of GFR

66.     Wood’s Light Examination:- Superficial Infection of Skin

67.     Burrow Ink Test:- Scabies / The Itch

68.     Braden  Scale:- to Measure integrity  of Bed Sore

69.      Kramer’s Index:- in Neonatal Jaundice

70.     Kveim Test :- Sarcoidosis

71.     Bender  gestalt Test:- Organic  Mental  Disorder

72.     Rorschach Test :- Schizophrenia

73.     Benzidine Test:- Detection of Blood In Urine, Stool, and Stomach Contents

74.     Fouchet’s Test :- Bilirubin in Urine

Cancer Diagnostic Markers:-

75.     CA 15-3:- Breast Cancer

76.     CA 19-9:- GIT (Pancreatic, Liver Cancer)

77.     CA 125:- Ovarian Cancer

AIDS Diagnostic Test:-

78.     ELISA Test- Screening for HIV

79.     Western Blot Test- Confirmative Test for HIV

80.     CD4 Count- Predictor Of HIV ( <200)

81.     P24 Antigen Assay Test- Indicates Active HIV Replication or seen in Pregnancy


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