[MCQ] B.Sc Nursing Quection Paper 2020


B.Sc Nursing Question Paper 2020


Time: Three Hours Maximum: 75 Marks
Answer Section A and Section B Separately
I. Elaborate on:
1. Name the organs of the male reproductive system. Describe in detail about testis.
II. Write notes on: 
1. Name the parts of the extra-hepatic biliary apparatus. Write about gall bladder.
2. Describe in detail the supports of the uterus.
3. Right atrium of the heart.
III. Short answers on: 
1. Median cubital vein? position and clinical importance.
2. Write about the parts of the ureter
3. Mention any four functional areas of the cerebrum.
4. Name the bones forming the vertebral column.
5. Name the fissures and lobes of the right lung.
I. Elaborate on:
1. Define Landsteiner?s Law. Explain the ABO blood grouping system. Add a note on
Erythroblastosis fetal.
1. Define cardiac output. Write a short note on factors regulating cardiac output.
2. Intrinsic pathway of coagulation.
3. Functions of the cerebellum.
1. Pancreatic secretions.
2. Hormones of the anterior pituitary gland.
3. Any two non-excretory functions of the kidney.
4. Cretinism.
5. Functions of testosterone.
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