Objective type questions and answers for staff nurse exam


Objective Type Questions and Answers for

 Staff Nurse Exam PDF

1. A 43-year-old African yank male is admitted with erythrocyte anemia. The nurse plans to assess circulation within the lower extremities each 2 hours. that of the subsequent outcome criteria would the nurse use?
❍ A. vital sign of 99°F or less
❍ B. Toes emotional in active vary of motion
❍ C. Sensation according to once soles of feet area unit touched
❍ D. Capillary refill of < three seconds

2. A 30-year-old male from Haiti is delivered to the emergency department in a very erythrocyte crisis. what’s the simplest position for this client?
❍ A. Side-lying with knees flexed
❍ B. Knee-chest
❍ C. High Fowler’s with knees flexed
❍ D. Semi-Fowler’s with legs extended on the bed

3. A 25-year-old male is admitted in a very erythrocyte crisis. of the subsequent interventions would be of the very best priority for this client?
❍ A. Taking hourly blood pressures with a mechanical cuff
❍ B. Encouraging fluid intake of a minimum of 200mL per hour
❍ C. Position in high Fowler’s with knee gatch raised
❍ D. Administering Datril as ordered

4. that of the subsequent foods would the nurse encourage the shopper in a very erythrocyte crisis to eat?
❍ A. Steak
❍ B. pot cheese
❍ C. Popsicle
❍ D. Lima beans

5. A newly admitted shopper includes an erythrocyte crisis. he’s repining of pain in his feet and hands. The nurse’s assessment findings embrace pulse oximetry of ninety-two. assumptive that every one the subsequent interventions area unit ordered, that ought to be done first?
❍ A. regulate the area temperature
❍ B. provides a bolus of IV fluids
❍ C. Start O2
❍ D. Administer meperidine hydrochloride (Demerol) 75mg IV push

6. The nurse is instructing a shopper with iron-deficiency anemia. What of the subsequent meal plans would the nurse expect the shopper to select?
❍ A. Roast beef, gelatin dishinexperienced beans, and peach pie
❍ B. salad sandwich, coleslaw, white potato, ice cream
❍ C. Egg dish on wheat bread, carrot sticks, lettuce dish, raisin pie
❍ D. Porkchop, creamed potatoes, corn, and cake

7. shoppers with erythrocyte anemia area unit schooled to avoid activities that cause drive and hypoxemia. that of the subsequent activities would the nurse recommend?
❍ A. A family vacation within the mountain chain
❍ B. Chaperoning the native boys club on a snow-skiing trip
❍ C. Traveling by a heavier-than-air craft for business visits
❍ D. A bus trip to the deposit of explanation

8. The nurse is conducting an associate admission assessment of a shopper with B vitamin deficiency. Does that finding reinforce the designation of B12 deficiency?
❍ A. Enlarged spleen
❍ B. Elevated vital sign
❍ C. cardiac arrhythmia
❍ D. husky tongue

9. The piece that may possibly show jaundice within the dark injured individual is the:
❍ A. mucous membrane of the attention
❍ B. Soles of the feet
❍ C. Roof of the mouth
❍ D. Shins
10. The nurse is conducting a physical assessment on a shopper with anemia. that of the subsequent clinical manifestations would be most indicative of the anemia? ❍ A. BP 146/88
❍ B. Respirations twenty-eight shallow
❍ C. Weight gain of ten pounds in six months
❍ D. Pink complexion

11. The nurse is teaching the shopper with vera concerning the hindrance of complications of the unwellnessthat of the subsequent statements by the shopper indicates a necessity for any teaching?
❍ A. “I can drink 500mL of fluid or less day after day.”
❍ B. “I can wear support stocking.”
❍ C. “I can check my vital sign often.”
❍ D. “I can report articulatio talocruralis dropsy.”

12. A 33-year-old male is being evaluated for doable leukemia. that of the subsequent findings is possibly associated with the designation of leukemia?
❍ A. The shopper collects stamps as a hobby.
❍ B. The shopper recently lost his job as a communicating employee.
❍ C. The shopper had radiation for the treatment of Hodgkin’s unwellness as a youngster.
❍ D. The client’s brother had leukemia as a toddler.

13. wherever is that the best website for examining the presence of petechiae in associate African yank clients?
❍ A. The abdomen
❍ B. The thorax
❍ C. The earlobes
❍ D. The soles of the feet

14. The shopper is being evaluated for doable leukemia. that inquiry by the nurse is most important?
❍ A. “Have you detected a modification in sleeping habits recently?”
❍ B. “Have you had an infection within the last six months?”
❍ C. “Have you lost weight recently?”
❍ D. “Have you detected changes in your alertness?”

15. What subsequent would be the priority nursing designation for the adult shopper with acute leukemia?
❍ A. Oral membrane, altered associated with therapy
❍ B. Risk for injury associated with the blood disease
❍ C. Fatigue-related to the unwellness method
❍ D. Interrupted family processes associated with serious unwellness of a friend

16. A 21-year-old male with Hodgkin’s cancer may be a senior at the native university. he’s engaged to be married and is to start a brand new job upon graduation. that of the subsequent diagnoses would be a priority for this client?
❍ A. Sexual dysfunction associated with actinotherapy
❍ B. prevenient mourning associated with terminal unwellness
❍ C. Tissue integrity associated with prolonged bed rest
❍ D. Fatigue-related to chemothepolycythemiarapy

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