Scientists and their Discovery in Medical | Indian scientists and their discoveries


Scientists and their Discovery

famous scientists and their discoveries are very important in all nursing and medical Exams Specially Neet Exams. list of biology scientists and their discoveries for neet? This Type of Question ask many times in staff nurse exams and Community Health Officer (CHO) NORCET AIIMS Exams, Staff Nurse Exams, Nursing Officer Exams, PGI, RRB, and NEET Exams Special for these students make these posts. Indian Scientist list Given below in Post Reed and tack screenshots for the screen and not down all scientist name and their Discovery. Another type of questions scientists and their discoveries related to microorganisms.This List is For B.Sc Nursing /GNM/and Other Competitive Exams Student Help.

 S.N Discovery Name  of Scientist
1. Founder of Nursing Florence Nightingale
2. Father of Microbiology Louis Pasteur
3. Father of Modern Bacteriology Robert Koch
4. Vaccination Coined By Edward Jenner
5. PCR ( Polymerase Chain Reaction ) Kary Mullis
6. First Polio Vaccine  Discovered by Jonas Salk
7. Penicillin Discovered by Alexander  Flemming
8. Catgut  Discovered by John Hunter
9. Blood Group Discovered by Karl Landsteiner
10. Plasmodium Life Span coined by Ronald Ross
11. Antiseptic Principle of Practice Surgery Joseph Lister
12. Father of Medicine Hippocrates
13. Father of Indian Surgery Sushruta
14. Father of Epidemiology John Snow
15. Father of Indian Medicine Charak
16. Father of Genetics Gregor Mendel
17. TB, Cholera & Anthrax Discovered by Robert Koch
18. Father of Modern Psychology Wilhelm Wundt
19. Father of Physiology Claude Bernard


20. Father of Modern Pathology Rudolf Virchow
21. Father of Modern Psychiatry Emil Kraepelin
22. Demonstration of Schizophrenia
23. Schizophrenia Word Coined by Eugene  Bluelar
24. Psychoanalytic Theory Given by Sigmund Freud
25. The psychosocial theory is given by Erik Erikson
26. Classical Condition  theory of Learning Evan Pavlow
27. Operant Theory of Learning Skinner
28. Intelligence Score  / Intelligence Quotient Afraid Bennet
29. Father of Sociology Auguste Comte
30. ECG Discovered by William Einthoven
31. ECT Discovered by Ugo Cerletti & Binni
32. Stethoscope Discovered by Rene Laennec
33. BP Instrument Discovered by Samuel Siegfried  Karl Rilter
34. Glass / Mercury Thermometer Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
35. X-Ray Wilhelm Conrad  Roentgen


Indian scientists and their discoveries:-

Satyendra Nath Bose:- Bose-Einstein statistics and the theory of the Bose-Einstein condensate

Meghnad Saha:-   the Saha ionization equation.

Prafulla Chandra Ray:- Invent a new compound theory, Mercurous Nitrite

Salim Ali:- systematic bird survey in India and abroad

Homi J Bhabha:– BARC and the head of India’s nuclear program major role in Indian science and technology

Jagadish Chandra Bose:- Crescograph to measure growth in plants

Ramanujan:- Infinite series for pi, analysis, number theory, and continued fractions Play a major role in Indian Science and technology fields.

C.V Raman:- Raman Effect in Physics
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