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the best diets for 15 common health conditions

1. Acute Renal Disease Dite  —protein-restricted, high-calorie, fluid-controlled, sodium and potassium controlled.

2. Addison’s disease Dite —increased sodium, low potassium diet.

3. ADHD and Bipolar Dite —high-calorie and provide finger foods.

4. Burns Dite —high protein, high caloric, increase in Vitamin C.

5. Cancer Dite —high-calorie, high-protein.

6. Celiac Disease Dite —gluten-free diet (no BROW: barley, rye, oat, and wheat).

7. Chronic Renal Disease Dite —protein-restricted, low-sodium, fluid-restricted, potassium-restricted, phosphorus restricted.

8. Cirrhosis (stable) Dite—normal protein

9. Cirrhosis with hepatic insufficiencyDite — restrict protein, fluids, and sodium.

10. Constipation Dite —high-fiber, increased fluids

11. COPD Dite —soft, high-calorie, low carbohydrate, high-fat, small frequent feedings

12. Cystic Fibrosis Dite —increase in fluids.

13. Diarrhea Dite —liquid, low-fiber, regular, fluid, and electrolyte replacement

14. Gallbladder diseases Dite —low-fat, calorie-restricted, regular

15. Gastritis Dite —low-fiber, bland diet

16. Hepatitis Dite —regular, high-calorie, high-protein

17. Hyperlipidemias Dite —fat-controlled, calorie-restricted

18. Hypertension, heart failure, CAD Dite —low sodium, calorie-restricted, fat-controlled

19. Kidney Stones Dite —increased fluid intake, calcium-controlled, low-oxalate

20. Nephrotic Syndrome Dite —sodium-restricted, high-calorie, high-protein, potassium restricted.

21. Obesity, overweight Dite —calorie-restricted, high-fiver

22. Pancreatitis Dite —low-fat, regular, small frequent feedings; tube feeding or total parenteral nutrition.

23. Peptic ulcer Dite —bland diet

24. Pernicious Anemia Dite —increase Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin), found in high amounts on shellfish, beef liver, and fish.

25. Sickle Cell Anemia Dite —increase fluids to maintain hydration since sickling increases when patients become dehydrated.

26. Stroke Dite —mechanical soft, regular, or tube-feeding.

27. Underweight Dite —high-calorie, high protein

28. Vomiting Dite —fluid and electrolyte replacement

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