-: Pediatric Medication Calculation:-

Vitamin “A” Syrup Calculation:-

  • less than 6 months baby- 50,000 IU (0.5ML)
  • 6 to 12-month baby 100,000 IU (1ML)
  • more than 12 months baby 200,000 IU (2ML)
  • Do not give to Kwashiokar child unless gross sign of VAD.

Pediatric Antibiotic dose Calculation:-

  1. Amoxycillin Syrup- 25mg to50mg/kg/body weight.
  2. Gentamicin Injection- 5mg/kg/body weight.
  3. Amikacin Injection – 10mg/ kg/body weight.

Pediatric Zinc Syrup Dose Calculation:-

  • 2 mg/kg/Body Weight

Pediatric Multivitamin Syrup Dose Calculation:-

6 Months to 2 Years = 2.5ml (BD)
2 Years to 5 Years = 5 ml (BD)

Albendazole Tablets/ Syrup Dose Calculation:-

1 year to 2 years- ½ Tablets (5ml)
2 years to 5 years – 1 Tablet (10 ml)

Pediatric Potassium (Potklor Syrup)

Give Supplemental Potassium at 3-4 me/kg/day for at last 2 weeks. Potassium can be given as syrup potassium chloride the most common preparation available has 20meq/15ml. It should be diluted with water.

Dose Calculation:- 3-4 meq/kg/Body weight

weight in kgPotassium Dose
1.1-1.33 ml
1.4-1.74 m
2.1-2.46 ml
2.5-2.87 ml
2.9-3.28 ml
3.3-3.69 ml
3.7-3.910 ml
4.0-4.311 ml
4.4-4.712 ml

Iron Syrup Dose Calculation:-

3mg/kg/Body weight

Folic Acid Dose Calculation

5mg/kg/body weight
5mg on day 1 Then 1 mg /Day
Magnesium (Magsulf)
Dose:- 0.4-0.6 mmol kg/day
On the day give 50% magnesium sulfate IM once (0.3ml/kg) up to a maximum of 2 m. thereafter hive extra magnesium (0.4-0.6mmol kg/day) orally if oral commercial preparation is not available you can give an injection of magnesium sulfate (50%) 0.2-0.3 ml/kg orally as magnesium supplements mixed with feed. Give Magnesium supplements for 2 weeks.
Dose of MagSulf according to the weight of Child in Kgs.
Child Weight in Kg Magsulf dose in ml
1.1-2.40.1 ml
2.5-4.10.2 ml
4.2-5.80.3 ml
5.9-7.40.4 ml
7.5-9.10.5 ml
9.2-10.70.6 ml
10.8-11.00.7 ml

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